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29 08, 2017

Crushed Granite vs Pea Gravel: Pick the Right Material for Your Project

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Working with an aggregate stone material is a great way to improve the overall look and feel of your landscape. Natural stone is not only practical and highly functional, but it's also stunning, beautiful and extremely affordable. All stones are not created equally and some are better suited to specific functions and tastes than others. In order [...]

29 08, 2017

Crushed Stone Calculator: Free Online Tool

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Making the decision to tackle a landscaping project for your home or business is an exciting time. Once you've determined what it is that you want to accomplish, you're ready and eager to get started right away. Diving in without knowing exactly how much material you should purchase, however, is a huge mistake that could [...]

29 08, 2017

Playground Sand Cost: Bags vs. Bulk

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Sand is a staple in most children's play areas. Kid's love to have the ability to stretch their imaginations and work creatively with their friends as they construct castles, roadways for toy cars and even entire cities. Even just allowing the fine grains to flow through their fingers or squish between their toes is an enjoyable sensation. [...]

27 08, 2017

Pea Gravel for Sandboxes: Everything You Need to Know

By | 2017-10-17T16:41:24+00:00 August 27th, 2017|Pea Gravel, Sand|0 Comments

In recent years, the pea gravel sandbox has risen in popularity. Spending time in a sandbox is something you likely did as a child and is something your kids will one day enjoy as well. Kids love to spend time playing outside, and when they do, many of them love to dig. For decades, children [...]

26 08, 2017

How to Install a Pea Gravel Driveway

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Pea gravel is an extremely popular choice for surfacing residential driveways due to its attractiveness and affordability. These small, smooth, and rounded stones feature beautiful natural colors that can work to enhance any landscape. If you've been giving any thought to a pea gravel driveway installation, you may be wondering if you have the ability [...]

25 08, 2017

Rip Rap Rock: The Complete Guide

By | 2017-10-09T12:15:25+00:00 August 25th, 2017|Riprap Stone|0 Comments

Rip rap stone is extremely useful in a number of different construction and landscaping applications. Sometimes referred to as Shot Rock or Gabion, this particular type of stone has been crushed down to size and screened for impurities. Although the stone is reduced in size, it is still particularly large when compared to other types [...]

21 08, 2017

How Much Does Ag Lime Cost?

By | 2017-10-09T12:48:25+00:00 August 21st, 2017|Agricultural Limestone|0 Comments

Those who are passionate about producing vibrant and vital crops, flowers and other types of vegetation - regardless of how large or small scale the enterprise - are well-aware of how important it is to use a quality liming material on a regular basis. Agricultural lime (often shortened to 'aglime') is a completely natural solution [...]

14 08, 2017

What Crushed Stone Sizes Should I Buy?

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Crushed stone and rock have many uses around the home. The stone is used for mulch, ground cover, driveways and as filler. Crushed stone sizes vary from dust to about 4″ which allows it to be used for a plethora of applications. They can be used in both construction-type applications as well as agricultural or [...]

14 08, 2017

Crushed Stone vs. Mulch

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Traditionally, many gardeners and homeowners have used organic mulch, straw or wood chips in their landscape to ensure that their vegetation and soil are healthy and well-nourished. In recent years, however, inorganic materials like crushed stone have been proven to be beneficial in gardening applications. This has spurred some debate as to which type of [...]

14 08, 2017

Installing a Pea Gravel Patio

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An outdoor living area doesn't only add value to your property but also gives you a better quality of life. Patios provide an area for family and friends to come together and enjoy the company of one another in the fresh air outdoors. If you're in the process of planning a patio installation you may [...]