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Posted April 13, 2023

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Braen’s 5th Annual Team Building Event was filled with opportunities for us to learn, collaborate, and have fun. One of the most inspiring moments was the keynote address by Brigadier General Maureen LeBoeuf. Entitled “Moments That Matter,” she spoke about her life and the tiny moments that made a big difference. She described specific experiences that gave her a different perspective on life, and on how to respond to adversity and recognize achievement.

In her closing remarks, Brigadier General LeBoeuf expressed hope that her talk would inspire us to think about moments that mattered in our own lives, as well as moments we have made matter in the lives of others. Looking back at the last few years, there have been key moments for both the Braen team and the company. Points in time that caused the path to change for all of us. For example, being able to have a Christmas party and an in-person gathering – where we had the chance to meet people from other locations – were definitely big moments. This was especially true for employees who have never had the experience.

When asked about moments that mattered to them, here is what several members of the Braen team had to say:

Jose Perez: “I can’t pick an exact moment. I just know that working here keeps getting better each year.”

Douglas Belina: “During my onboarding, Maria made the process very smooth and easy. This mattered because having this job helped me get a mortgage.”

Joe Latronica: “Putting the drag slat on the new asphalt plant is definitely a moment that comes to mind. It finally felt like the project was coming together.”

Shawn Foley: “Being up in Whitehall, I never thought I would get to meet people who work at other locations. But at the Christmas party, I was able to enjoy interacting with many other members of the team.”

Mike Valicenti: “I really liked the Emerging Leader Program. It shows that our company is investing in its employees and recognizing those who it believes will be the next generation of leadership.”

Juliann Johnson: “A moment that really mattered to me happened years ago. I was in Janet Braen’s office with a few other people and a pastor prayed with us. I was only a few months into working here, and I remember him telling me, “Don’t be anxious, you are where you need to be.”

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