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Since 1904, contractors all across northern New Jersey have come to count on Braen Stone. From building highways to driveways, bridges to tunnels, the Braen team makes sure every customer has what they need to get the job done right.


What is Recycled Concrete Aggregate?

Dense graded recycled concrete aggregate, also known as RCA, is an extremely popular alternative to virgin stone aggregates when possible. RCA is usually made up of old concrete from sidewalks, pavements, curbing and building slabs. RCA is a great alternative to using quarry process or DGA.


Materials Usage

RCA is commonly used as a base layer for driveways and sidewalks. Its properties have also shown to stabilize soft and wet soils and help eliminate movement issues.

Using recycled concrete aggregate provides both financial and environmental benefits to consumers and contractors. RCA is a great alternative to using quarry process or DGA.

Where to get Recycled Concrete Aggregate

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