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The leader in construction materials for more than a century.

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Our products are sourced directly from our quarries in northern New Jersey. Direct sourcing means no extra mark-ups for you.



construction materials nj

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Our History

With hard work and dedication, Braen Stone has become the leader in the construction materials industry with more than 110 years of experience.

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At Braen Stone, our success is directly linked to the talents and dedication of our team. Our motto is, “Building Relationships Always Exceeding Needs.”


Our Community

At Braen Stone, we believe that giving back is more than just writing a check. We give our time, energy and passion to our community.

Braen Stone has been a leader in the construction materials industry for more than a century. We know you’re always looking for quality products as well as great customer service, which is why we wanted to give you an inside look at Braen Stone.

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Did you know?
Braen Stone supplied more than 128,000 tons of asphalt to help pave the Garden State Parkway in 2011.