Rock Salt

Rock salt has been used for centuries as a means of lowering the freezing point of water, and helping to melt snow and ice while preventing new formations. Loose rock salt can be distributed evenly and is spread across the surface of paved areas in order to reduce or even eliminate the risk of slip-and-fall accidents.

Sizes Available

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Road Salt Rock Salt

Major Road Systems – Roads maintained by cities, counties, and other municipalities are heavily trafficked and must be safe for drivers – regardless of what the weather is doing. Responsible parties frequently turn to bulk loose rock salt in order to ensure that they are able to maintain safe road conditions every day of the winter.

Commercial Parking Lots – Loose bulk rock salt is the number one option for property owners who are looking to protect both their visitors against possible slipping hazards, as well as themselves against liability suits.

Large Campuses – Loose bulk rock salt is a “must” for hospitals, schools, universities, and other large campuses to ensure safe walking and driving conditions.

Driveways – Residential driveways can become very hazardous during the winter. Loose bulk rock salt ensures that a front drive will remain clear of the snow and ice that could otherwise result in a pedestrian slip-and-fall or auto accident.

Blue Treated Rock Salt

Blue treated rock salt is easily identified by its blue color when spread in areas. It is effective at lower temperatures. It is typically used later in the season when it’s colder out.