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Dirk is a Project Manager at Braen Stone. He's an expert on a variety of construction materials and prides himself on helping the company meet the needs of companies large and small.

Bulk Asphalt Material: Everything You Need to Know

Whether you're repaving a parking lot or installing a brand new driveway, having access to bulk asphalt material can seriously come in handy. Because large quantities of the material are required for jobs of this magnitude, having the ability to make a bulk order will likely save you time and money and it will make your life [...]

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5 Benefits of Working with a Landscape Material Calculator

Buying landscaping materials is a bit of a science. Not only do you need to take the time to find materials with the right aesthetic, function and dollar value for your work, but you also need to know precisely how much to order so that you can get the job done right. If you're from [...]

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Where to Buy Sand in Bulk in NJ

Purchasing sand for a landscaping or construction project can be difficult and you may not know where to go to find it. Many NJ residents find themselves in this same predicament and unfortunately, that means that many people end up making poor buying decisions. There’s no need to go to a big-box retailer or through a [...]

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Working with a Materials Calculator from Start to Finish

Although choosing the right construction and landscaping materials is a huge part of ensuring that your project is successful, it's not the only important decision you'll need to make before diving in and getting started on the job. Taking the time to determine how much material you'll need to purchase and use to complete the [...]

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Everything You Need to Know About Buying Gravel by the Ton

If you're planning a project with gravel, chances are that you're going to need tons of it - literally. In order to get the best deal on your gravel materials, it's smart to buy in bulk.  To pull off the project of your dreams. You'll need to know everything that is necessary to successfully purchasing gravel [...]

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How Long Does an Asphalt Driveway Last?

Installing a new driveway requires a significant financial investment and although parting with your hard-earned money to construct a front drive can be difficult, there are ways to smooth the process over and ensure a long-lasting final product. The best way to accomplish this is to select the right material for your new driveway. Asphalt is [...]

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Benefits of Working with Recycled Construction Materials

Are you passionate about protecting the environment? Many Americans today are interested in doing what they can to reduce their carbon footprints and live a life that is eco-friendly. While you may do your part to recycle plastic and paper, you may not realize that you could be doing more to help. Did you know that there [...]

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How Much Does Pea Gravel Cost?

Because it's so attractive and versatile, pea gravel has become a staple in both residential and commercial landscaping projects. From being utilized as a lovely edging material to surfacing a large driveway or playground area, pea gravel is one of the most practical, beautiful, and cost-effective materials on the market today. For those who have [...]

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#57 gravel: Sizes, Prices & Uses

First-time gravel shoppers may be surprised to learn how many different options they have. Contrary to popular opinion, there’s more than one type of gravel and selecting the right size and style is crucial to project success. One of the most commonly used and versatile types of gravel is #57 crushed gravel and today we will [...]

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How Long Will a Gravel Driveway Last?

Let's face it: building a new driveway can be expensive and time-consuming. After the gravel driveway installation processhas been completed, you want to feel confident that your investment is going to pay off and that you won't need to re-do the work for a long time. If this sounds familiar, it's high time that you looked into constructing [...]

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