Benefits of Working with Recycled Construction Materials

Are you passionate about protecting the environment? Many Americans today are interested in doing what they can to reduce their carbon footprints and live a life that is eco-friendly. While you may do your part to recycle plastic and paper, you may not realize that you could be doing more to help.

Did you know that there are some construction materials that can be reused and recycled? Both asphalt and concrete are excellent candidates for construction recycling and there are a number of exciting reasons why you should be interested in working with recycled products.

Here’s a look at the top reasons why recycled construction materials are helping to make communities more environmentally friendly.

It Preserves Limited Resources

As you might imagine, recycled construction materials are very beneficial to the environment. Recycled asphalt and concrete mean that fewer of our earth’s limited resources are required during the manufacturing process.

A significant amount of oil is used in the production of asphalt and this is a finite resource of which we simply don’t have enough. It’s extremely good for the environment when unused asphalt can be recycled and repurposed, as we are not required to tap into nearly as much oil and are able to conserve.

It Cuts Down on Waste

The final component to the environmental aspects of the construction material recycling process is that it significantly reduces the amount of waste that goes into our local landfills.

For years, our state’s leaders have been concerned about our landfills becoming overfull and that there’s not enough room for us to safely get rid of our waste materials. Construction by products like asphalt and concrete can take up a huge chunk of space in these already overcrowded landfills, thus contributing to the problem in a major way.

In addition to being bulky, construction materials like these are not biodegradable, so they won’t wear down and free up more space over time. The oils and chemicals in old asphalt can seep into the groundwater and cause contamination.

The best way to fight these types of problems is to keep as much waste out of the landfills as possible and that can be accomplished through recycling construction materials. This breathes new life into products that can continue to be useful.

It Costs Less Money

One of our customers’ favorite things about working with recycled construction materials is that they get to enjoy significant cost savings on their projects. In addition to being great for the environment, recycled concrete and asphalt are also great for your wallet.

As mentioned, recycled construction materials mean that fewer raw resources are used in the production process. This means that there are little to no costs associated with mining or excavating these materials.

When it comes to recycling asphalt, less oil needs to be used in the process. Because oil prices are volatile, this can mean that you get to save more than if you were working with new materials.

There are also fewer manufacturing processes involved with the production of recycled materials. It is true that the materials often need to be crushed and screened down to size and may need to be treated, or, in the case of recycled asphalt, reintroduced into a hot asphalt mix, but the amount of work involved with the process is significantly reduced.

Less labor and fewer mechanical processes are employed, so there is less in the way of energy, fuel and labor costs for the manufacturer. This translates to customer savings. Finally, it has been discovered that the transportation of recycled materials is less expensive than the transportation of raw materials.

The materials are slightly lighter in weight and this means that less fuel is consumed throughout the process. With gas prices skyrocketing, this type of savings can quickly add up both for you and your manufacturer.

It’s Useful and Practical

Once you decide that you want to work with recycled materials like concrete and asphalt, you’ll find that both of these types of recycled products are useful and can be purposed for a wide array of different projects and functions.

Reclaimed asphalt can be used in its crushed aggregate form as a semi-permeant surface for driveways, as a base or filler materials, as stabilized base, or as backfill.

Recycled concrete is just as useful and can be used as a base material for both residential and commercial construction applications, as a backfill material, for preserving embankments or for general construction purposes. In some cases, finely crushed recycled materials may be used as a loose fill surface for recreational paths and trails.

BONUS BENEFIT: It’s Extremely Safe and Reliable

Just because recycled materials are recycled, doesn’t mean that they’re of a substandard quality when compared to that of new materials. Both recycled asphalt and concrete maintain their overall integrity and are processed with care when being recycled by a reputable recycling plant.

The materials will be screened for any unsafe materials like old screws and nails, etc. and are then carefully crushed down to the appropriate size. You will enjoy a high degree of reliability with recycled materials while enjoying the peace of mind that they’re materials 100% safe to use.

Working With Recycled Construction Materials in NJ

Are you ready to start working with recycled construction materials on your next construction or landscaping project? Braen Stone owns and operates local asphalt and concrete recycling plants.

We make it our mission to ensure that our recycled materials are always of the highest quality, being screened and treated to ensure total safety and compliance with industry standards. Do you have questions about the recycled materials you’re interested in?

The experts here at Braen Stone are more than happy to help, offering a wealth of information about the recycling process and how the materials can be re-purposed. Our recycled construction materials are always available at the most competitive wholesale prices and can be picked up or bulk delivered to areas throughout parts of  NJ, NY, NYC and PA.

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