When old structures made of concrete are renovated or demolished, the companies specializing in the field of concrete recycling collect this material from demolition sites and put it through a crushing plant to create a new end product: crushed concrete or recycled concrete aggregate (RCA).

If you are a homeowner interested in adopting green construction practices, one of the most basic things you can do is to use this building material for your driveway and patio.

Besides delivering an eco-friendly resource that gives you the opportunity to help decrease pollution and reduce landfill waste, recycled concrete brings along many other advantages that are explained in the following sections.

Recycled Concrete is Less Expensive

Considering the current economic situation, finding affordable construction materials is very important. Crushed concrete is much less expensive than the most affordable structural fillers, including new concrete. This is because the entire recycling process implies very low collection, transportation and processing fees.

Another reason why RCA is cheaper than other building materials is that the first builder has already paid a landfill tax at the time of using this structural filler. As a result, recycled concrete comes with a lower landfill tax.

Recycled Concrete and its Multiple Residential Applications

Although the term “recycled concrete” might suggest that this building material is a sub-standard version of concrete, this apprehension is completely misplaced. In fact, reused concrete is very durable and safe to use not only for building purposes, but also as a base beneath driveways and patios.

These two qualities turn this material into a functional alternative to crushed stone, being used in different residential applications when possible. Forming a compacted subbase, small pieces of concrete are laid down as the lower layer in highways, driveways, roads, patios and even in redi-mix concrete foundations, though crushed stone is typically preferred beneath such foundations.

Besides using crushed concrete for your driveway and patio, you can choose this material for different land-filling tasks, such as laying the foundation of a new home or extending the basement of your current property. Since this material can be used for structure, it is also referred to as eco-friendly structural filler.

Recycled concrete can also be used to create paths, walkways and barriers around your outdoor space, fill the drainage structure, retain walls and terraced gardens, raise garden beds and compact beneath asphalt. Furthermore, proper quality control at crushing facilities helps RCA manufacturers obtain well graded, aesthetically pleasing recycled concrete that can be provided as a substitute for landscaping stone.

A Few Closing Thoughts

Although many people continue to ignore the current environmental issues, none can overlook the fact that reused concrete reduces the waste disposal and the environmental impact of the aggregate extraction process. Thus, the most essential reason why you should choose recycled concrete for different construction projects is that it helps you create a cleaner and healthier environment. From utilization and aesthetics to environment, crushed concrete is one of the best building materials you can get for your home projects.